Sunday, 5 September 2010

Let's give this a whirl

I read quite a lot of books. Or at least I start a lot, I get an exciting new book and then I jump ship, fully expecting to go back and finish the previous book. This rarely happens. Maybe writing a review of each book I finish will bring a little discipline to my reading habits. We'll see.

The books in the background of the blog aren't mine, and I don't think they're even real. I think they're the kind of props you find in pubs with an unconvincing literary theme. That pile of books on the left isn't mine either. This is all a tissue of lies.

A blogpost by Noise inspired the title, though Logan's Run is also in there.

Right, on with the books.


Noyus said...

911 is a joke.

According to Flavor Flav.

Joe said...

Yeah. That is better. Shit.